Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Active Directory - Restore Deleted Item (AD)

I recently had to restore an object (user account) in Active Directory that was accidentally deleted. The AdRestore Tool makes this very easy and painless.

Download it here AdRestore:

Once you download and install it... open up the cmd prompt and type in:
c:\> adrestore -r username
c:\> adrestore -r objectname

In my case I needed to restore a useraccount called mbrown. So I ran c:\adrestore -r mbrown the search returned 5 accounts that started with mbrown, I choose no to all but the one I wanted to restore, choose yes to the correct mbrown account and presto... the account was back in the original OU.

Afterwards, I did have to go in and refresh the OU and enable the account... but at least the SID was correct.

1 comment:

  1. Active administrator can also assist you with restoring active directory objects.

    The tool can recover active directory objects, objects security and passwords without the need for rebooting into directory services restore mode.

    Additionally, I really enjoy the way this solution audits active directory changes providing me with realtime email alerts on the most important ones.