Saturday, March 14, 2009

VMWare vMotion not working on ESX VDI (VMWare View)

After clean installs of my 2 ESX VDI systems (now VMWare View) I was unable to get a successful vMotion from one host to the next. I was also having issues getting HA properly configure although after a bit of moving it around, creating a new cluster with a new name and moving the host into that it finally configured. All that said, vMotion still did not work.

After a bit of googling, I found that removing the Virtual Center Agent from the ESX Host and re-installing it might solve the problem. It worked.

I first removed both of my Hosts from virtual center, then logged into the console of the hosts to find the agent version:
rpm -qa | grep -i vmware-vpxa

Then, to remove the agent (replacing the x's with version from above):
rpm -e VMware-vpxa-2.0.x.xxxxx

I repeated this for my second host and then rebooted them both. I had the luxuray of being able to shut off my virtual machines for this process. Once both ESX Hosts were back up I simply went through the process of adding them to Virtual Center, Creating a Cluster and adding them to the cluster.