Sunday, January 18, 2009

Powershell: Exchange 2007 - BES - Blackberry Enterprise Server

Here a quick little snippet from a script I run when setting up users for our BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) environment with Exchange 2007. Essentially, the script is just giving the BESAdmin account Send-As permission on the AD Account. You could do this on your entire User OU in the domain, but for security purposes we've decided to only set the permission for the Blackberry users.

# Open the File of User Names and Put it in the Pipeline
$import = Import-Csv "NewBlackBerryAccounts.txt"
$domain = ""

# Loop Through the CSV File, creating accounts
$import | Foreach {
# Set Vars
$StrUserName = $_.Username

$user = get-qaduser $StrUserName@$domain
if($user) {
$dn = $user.DN
Add-ADPermission -Identity $dn -User 'mydomain\BESAdmin' -ExtendedRights 'Send-as'
} else {
write-host Username $_.Username not found

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