Sunday, November 2, 2008

VMWare over NFS on a NetApp - ASIS (deduplication) WOW

I have a NetApp 3040c cluster that I'm using for NFS, iSCSI and FC connectivity to my VMWare ESX Servers. NFS has proven to be fast and reliable. I'm running the following system on NFS without any problems:
  • Active Directory Domain Controller (Server 2008) - (16,000 users)
  • Exchange 2007 (CAS) Client Access Server on Server 2008
  • Exchange 2007 HUB on Server 2008
  • ILM / MIIS on Server 2003
  • IIS on Server 2003 with over 800 websites
  • IIS on Server 2008
  • Full Exchange 2007 Test enviorment (3 servers Mailbox, HUB, CAS and 1 DC)
  • Blackberry Access Server
  • Wireless Raidus Server
These Virtual Machines take up 462 GB of disk space... but the really cool part is that because I'm running these all on my NetApps over NFS with DeDuplication turned on I'm seeing a 77% storage savings... so they are only taking up 105 GB of disk space on the storage system.

sanb> df -s -g /vol/esxNFS
Filesystem used saved %saved
/vol/esxNFS/ 105GB 357GB 77%

I'll I can say is wow.


  1. Hi, Matt.
    Can you comment some recent FUD about step-by-step lowering an A-SIS (deduplication) rate at NetApp storages under a VMware, after a time, especially at NFS?
    Some people spreading it, and I try to find a practical men, who used dedupe at NetApp with VMware/NFS for a years.
    Can you comment your expirience with dedupe savings rate since 2008?

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