Tuesday, July 24, 2007

OT: Bicycle commuting - Fuji Newest 2.0

Just got a new road bike for my small 10 mile commute to work... actually my wife got it for me as a surprise birthday gift. :) My wife is RAD!

What a huge upgrade. about 7lbs lighter than my old borrowed Centurion 12 speed I've been using this summer. Plus she added some triathlon bars that really help with the wrists, especially after sitting on the computer for 10hrs. I only ride about 40 - 60 miles a week, but for a newbie commuter this bike is great. Even took the kids out over the weekend and pulled them in the bike trailer with no problems. (I have a little 2 seater in-step - about 45lbs with the kids). The gearing allowed me to pull a pretty steep hill with little effort. The adjustable stem gave me the option to add a little height to the bars for some extra comfort.

Only think I need now is to go pick up some clipless pedals.

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